Thursday 12 November 2015

Get Me Free #82: Abandcalledboy - Pure Nostalgia

Article by KevW

Having a name that completely shuns spaces might give you the impression that Belfast group Abandcalledboy don't care much for convention. The fact that their new EP is bizarrely called ' PC World' adds some credence to this theory, but listening to their music its pretty clear that they have a penchant for post-grunge and noise rock, with this trio of tracks all sounding like they could have been released in 1993. There's the heavy, gritty, stoner-rock of 'Renaissance Man', the more uptempo, scuzz-laden 'Choke', but perhaps best is 'Pure Nostalgia'.

The title is fitting really, as there is an air of nostalgia about these three songs, and the squalling intro to 'Pure Nostalgia' is reminiscent of many bands (The Breeders, AC Acoustics and even Nirvana). In fact, if you go back to the early singles by another Northern Irish group, it's easy to compare Abandcalledboy to Ash before they tidied up their sound. Momentum is building for this lot though, and a recent string of UK and Irish dates will only have added to that. Aside from the fact that you can download it, we still can't figure out what the heck any of this has got to do with computers though...

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