Monday 23 November 2015

UK PREMIERE: The Deer - Do Return

Article by KevW

In their own words, Texan band The Deer will be heading into "a new territory of creation and composition" very soon, so we're assuming that new album 'Tempest and Rapture' might see them experimenting a little more. The first fruits of the new record certainly indicate that to be the case, especially with the creativity side of things. 'Do Return' is accompanied by a stop motion animation that was created by vocalist/instrumentalist Grace Park using paper and stained glass. Stylistically it's somewhere between a brothers' Grimm fairytale and a surrealist take on a fantasy world, but either way it's an eye-catching introduction to this new phase for the band.

The song itself also carries an otherworldly feel, taking their brand of indie/Americana and switching it closer to luscious, layered dreampop without ever losing touch with the group's roots in organic sounds and more up-to-date songwriting. It may be looking into an ethereal realm but it has its feet firmly on the ground. The guitar meanders along, winding its way through the song, while the vocals are harmonised to give a haunted effect that's reminiscent of Mazzy Star. If this is a signpost of what we can expect when the album arrives in the spring of next year, then we can rightly get a little bit excited.

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Nov 28th - Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheater, Austin TX (with Wild Child)

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