Thursday 26 November 2015

Get Me Free #92: The Rayguns - Never Been To California

Article by KevW

The form of punk created by The Rayguns is pretty traditional, making it a nice change from the legions of modern bands ruining the genre by aiming for a goofball approach (blame Green Day for that one), but that's not to say that their new EP 'Never Been To California' isn't fun though. It's a riot from start to finish, and doesn't try to be particularly political or pretentious. Its title may well be a fact (well, it's a fact for me, but possibly the band too) as they're from the opposite side of the US in Boston (where, coincidentally, I have been) where they formed around a year ago. So perhaps they're yet to visit the west coast.

Having gigged around their home town and New York, their live show must be starting to shape up pretty well, so perhaps a tour of that part of the country will happen if word spreads. The song 'Never Been To California' is something of a break from the norm for the band, as its the only track that passes the two-minute mark, and even then it feels as though its over in a flash. The Rayguns are as energetic as they come and scuzzed-out guitars, drumming that will probably give you RSI if you keep it up too long, and a distinct tunefulness runs right through the EP, particularly the impressive title-track. More of the same and the'll be dipping their toes in the Pacific before too long.

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