Friday 27 November 2015

Slim Twig - Live In, Live On Your Era

Article by KevW

Having your music released on certain labels always gives it a stamp of approval, in fact we could name many such imprints, but DFA Records is generally considered to rarely let music fans down. Earlier this year they released the new album from acclaimed Canadian artist Slim Twig and, as expected, 'Thank You For Stickin' With Twig' rightly received rave reviews. Now Max Turnbull (the man behind the alias) is heading to Europe for some shows and has released a new single, 'Live In, Live On Your Era', from the album to coincide, and it comes with unusual video that looks like it should have been made in the early '80s by some new romantic band.

Musically, Slim Twig is quite eclectic, but you wouldn't really class him as new romantic in any way. 'Live In, Live On Your Era' is a track about "accepting your own cultural circumstances", and musically its difficult to pin down without using fairly generic terms such as "indie" or "psychedelia". A classic riff anchors the song and stop/start drums and vocal bursts make this something interesting when generally they can prevent music being as fluid as it could be. You can pick out elements of folk lurking in the background too, as well as the occasional flash of '70s rock. It's a melting pot of ideas, but the end result works brilliantly.

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Catch him live:

27.11 Berlin, DE @ Badenhaus Szimpla
28.11 Leipzig, DE @ Pracht
01.12 Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang
02.12 London, UK @ Dalston Victoria
03.12 Brighton, UK @ The Hope

04.12 Amsterdam, NL @ De Nieuwe Anita
05.12 Tournai, BE @ Water Moulin
07.12 Bilbao, ES @ Antzokia
08.12 Oviedo, ES @ La Lata de Zinc
11.12 Paris, FR @ Espace B
12.12 Milan, IT @ Sacrestia

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