Sunday 27 September 2015

Get Me Free #62: ultaviolet - Hearts In The Sand

Article by KevW

That great musical hub of Austin, Texas has long been known for garage, alt-rock and psychedelia, but ultraviolet, a duo comprising of Caitlin Craighead and James Grantham, have taken it upon themselves to forge some southern-tinged dreampop and shoegaze. So often lately, the two genres have been inseparable, and tracks like 'Fool's Gold' from their self-titled debut EP showcase this perfectly, whilst also taking the time to include some desert-rock and a nod to Mazzy Star. There are many good tracks on the EP, not least the driving, discordant 'Strawberry Echoes', so investigating the lot is well worth your time.

It may be down to personal taste (and surreal feeling last track 'Cold Coast' runs it close), but best of all is perhaps the chiming 'Hearts In The Sand'. The reverberating guitar is soon joined by a propulsive beat, some swoonsome vocals and given a hazy sheen. Melodically it's the strongest song here, and this is reflected in the music as the breaks give extra emotion to a voice that already sings like every word matters. There are a lot of bands making similar sounds right now, but the Texan twang found here gives ultraviolet a little something more distinctive. It'll be worth watching this space and seeing what else they come up with, but this is a great way to kick things off.

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