Friday 11 September 2015

Get Me Free #53: HUSH! - Moonlighting

Article by KevW

They may not be the most prolific of bands, having only uploaded five tracks (not including remixes and session recordings) since their stunning debut single 'There's Something In The Stars Tonight', but when HUSH! do offer up something new, it's always pretty special. With a general blend of melodic shoegaze, dreampop, '80s indie and synth-pop, all topped with a vocal that doesn't need to try too hard to give a warm and snuggly feeling, each song has been top class, which makes you wonder why they haven't taken over the world. But, it could be argued, that until they're given time to work on an album and increase productivity then knowing just what they're capable of on a bigger stage isn't known just yet.

Well, if we were a label, we'd sign them, and hand them the time and space they need to make an album, because they've already got half of one (or perhaps a lot more that's yet to be released) that would knock the socks off any other indiepop type bands out there. Stick 'Moonlighting' on their list of great tunes, because this twinkly slow-burner is another beautiful creation that will add a splash of colour to your day and has their trademark top-drawer melodies and harmonies, not to mention music that's as pretty and sparkling as music can get. HUSH! are one of the very best bands of their kind out there, and each new song brings excitement. Someone give them a deal.

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