Tuesday 8 September 2015

Ned Dylan - Disco

Article by KevW

If anyone out there seriously still thinks that young people today don't have anything to say or are lacking any political opinion and passion for what's going on/wrong with the country/world, then they clearly haven't heard Ned Dylan yet. Mind you, with a host of alternative music stars and radio DJs hurling praise at him from every angle, it can only be a matter of time before word is out there. Big festivals have been played, and big names are already on board - and he hasn't released his debut single yet. Oh, and he's only fourteen. Too much hype for what could be an unknown quantity? No, not really. Ned has a host of original material (he doesn't do covers) which you can check out from various live performances if you have a snoop around on YouTube.

He describes himself as "acoustic punk", and it's likely that his songs are written on an acoustic guitar, not to mention performed live that way on certain occasions, but, although it's an acoustic he uses for debut single 'Disco', this is an electric pop-punk piece of fury, ripping at the seams with vigour and intensity. As a mark of how well respected this guy is, Gordon Raphael (the man behind the first few Strokes albums) produces the track, and lead guitar is provided by Fruitbat from Carter USM. Having connections is one thing (and many up and coming artists would give their right arm to have people like that on their team), but the real strength of 'Disco' is in its energetic delivery and well informed lyrics. There's a fire burning in the belly of Ned Dylan, and its one that too few musicians seem to have. Make no mistake, this guy's the real deal.

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