Tuesday 8 September 2015

Worthless - Children Of The Grave b​/​w Softest

Article by KevW

The psychedelia wagon keeps on rolling, and it makes you wonder whether there are more records being released now that fit that genre than ever before. Deep psych, retro psych, sunkissed psychedelia... take your pick and you'll find a veritable banquet to feast your ears and melt your mind with. Ignore their name, because Brooklyn-based (possibly, their Facebook page says they're from Florida...) collective Worthless are anything but. New single 'Children Of The Grave' b​/​w 'Softest', if we're picking which branch of psychedelia they belong to, would have to be considered retro, although you do get the odd twang of obscure '90s groups such as Big White Stairs.

The A-side is all trippy vocals and lyrics (when you can make them out through the distortion) with twangy guitar and the merest hint of a jangle in the background. There's a spooky air to it, and it should probably come with a free lava lamp and joss sticks, but it's a musical soup of sounds that make for a top quality track. B-side 'Softest' doesn't change things too much; similar effects are used with a shuffling beat added to offer an little extra groove. As a whole, this single is chilled, slightly weird (in a good way) and faithful to its influences without leaning on them too heavily. It has its own personality, and it's one that you may just find yourself liking. It's a thumbs up from us anyway.

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