Wednesday 2 September 2015

We Are Falcon - Hot Blood EP

Article by KevW

Based in London, alt-rock quartet We Are Falcon cite a wide range of influences, from the good (Super Furry Animals), to the bad (Kings Of Leon), and even the ugly (Red Hot Chili Peppers). But, personal preferences aside, the groups they list can all be heard in their music, and the outcome is a favourable one. There's a rock element as you may expect, and a touch of the southern sounds that Kings Of Leon (who started out pretty good to be fair) have made, along with the melody of other guitar groups such as The Stone Roses and The Kinks who We Are Falcon also admit to being fans of. There may not be a vast amount of originality to these four songs, but they are carried out with a lack of pretense and a confidence that amounts to a winning formula.

Starting out with 'Mexico', there is a bluesy element and a taste of sunshine which some may consider unusual for a British band, but it shows a deftness of touch and doesn't just barge in carelessly with a wall of guitars and drums; this is more considered than that. To a certain extent the same is true of 'Wild Honey', a more bold rock statement, but one which allows everything room to breathe and has a neat guitar sound. This spaciousness that takes nothing away from the power of the song shows a maturity that some similar bands lack. Perhaps 'Social Life' with its occasional mathy leanings could be considered the most "indie" of the set, but with a powerful vocal it doesn't seem out of place at all. 'Put Your Weight On Me' seems as though it was written as a closing track, serving up a more introspective vibe and switching between more subtle moments and chunkier sections with ease. Two EPs in and We Are Falcon are beginning to take flight.

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