Saturday 19 September 2015

The Wrong Society - She Destroyed Me b​/​w Without You

Article by KevW

Hamburg cemented its place in pop music history many years ago thanks to some group of young upstarts called The Beatles sweating it out in the rammed clubs of the city's seedier areas, but, of course, there's much more to find out about the place musically. For starters, classical and opera have long had a stronghold there, and the city has also given rise to its fair share of metal heavyweights (Helloween, KMFDM) as well as having a thriving punk scene. There's much more too, but when talking about The Wrong Society then it's perhaps best to focus on the '60s beat groups that learnt their trade in Hamburg, as well as its current punk movement.

New single 'She Destroyed Me' has a heavy '60s influence both in structure and in sound - especially those flashes of organ which take it away from any early Beatles comparisons and more into 'Nuggets' territory. A catchy song with a punky edge to it, this could have sat somewhere in the middle of that decade and nestled in comfortably alongside other guitar groups of the time. B-side 'Without You' drops that hint of aggression and changes to something a little more lovelorn and melodic, but still based on music of the same era and still utilising that organ sound. The buzzing guitar removes it slightly, offering something a touch more modern, and this is to its credit as it shows that, while clearly wanting to make records that could be from a specific time, The Wrong Society also allow themselves the freedom to add their own hallmarks.

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