Friday 4 September 2015

Get Me Free #48: Swiss Lips - Got It Bad

Article by KevW

It's safe to say that the career of Manchester's Swiss Lips has been a turbulent one, and it's probably this that led to their decision to split after their second album, 'Overflowing Futures', was released at the end of August. Early on the band were picked up by Sony, gained daytime radio play, TV coverage and festival spots, while the press compared them to MGMT, Foster The People, The Rapture, Friendly Fires and more. Label problems meant they were unable to build on that initial wave of hype, and it wasn't until they managed to free themselves from their contract, re-sign with BMG offshoot Foreverever and release their debut album earlier this year. Both that and the recent follow-up were well received.

Sadly, citing the fact that being in a small band in the current musical climate had become a "drag", they decided to move on. It's odd to write about a band who no longer exist while their brand new album has only been available for a fortnight, but that's the way the cookie's crumbled. Being from Manchester, Swiss Lips always wanted to carry on the city's tradition of mixing guitar music with dance and electronic sounds, and album cut 'Got It Bad' does just that. Synth-heavy with a beat that's suited to the clubs as well as the indie disco, they nail on a big chorus that shows just why they featured in the mainstream as well as the alternative press. This track is a blend of all the groups they've been compared to, and it also has the ingredients to be a big hit. Maybe the delays and legal wrangles have cost them that, but if you want some euphoric indie-synth-pop to get you in the mood for the weekend, then look no further. It's sad to see a band with such potential calling it a day.

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