Tuesday 15 September 2015

Get Me Free #55: Kurt von Stetten - Spanish Ship

Article by KevW

For some bands the very notion of releasing ten albums in as many years is impossible to conceive, but then most bands aren't Kurt von Stetten. If fact, the Boston-based musician doesn't even use a band for forthcoming LP 'Bon Fortuna'; he writes, plays and records everything himself, and that's no mean feat. Such working methods are often conducive to scratchy, lo-fi recordings that aren't always high on quality control. You could hardly call 'Bon Fortuna' stadium rock, but it's not your typical DIY indie either.

In fact, free taster 'Spanish Ship', one of the more "rock" tracks on the album, is produced in such a way that it sounds like a band playing, not a selection of instrumental parts laid over the top of each other. It packs a bit of a punch that should keep fans of slightly heavier music happy, as well as the indie crowd. Forget the fact that this is one man working alone and 'Spanish Ship' is still a powerful statement. It's bold, hard-hitting, well-crafted, and at well under three-minutes it doesn't outstay its welcome. Plus, it's not even the best track on the LP, which shows you just how good this guy is.

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