Saturday 26 September 2015

Under Electric Light - Never Lose Another Day EP

Article by KevW

Wow. How on earth have Under Electric Light avoided our attention for so long? Brief history: Under Electric Light seems to be essentially a solo project masterminded by musician and producer Danny Provencher with lyrics, on this EP at least, courtesy of the mysterious Meb. They're based in Montreal and appear to have been releasing records for at least a decade. Latest EP, 'Never Lose Another Day', is, to put it bluntly, quite amazing. You'd guess, as it gives its name to the entire release, that the Slowdive-esque 'Never Lose Another Day' was the highlight out of these four tracks. It is deliciously woozy and sounds like classic (as in real classic) shoegaze, and if you heard no more you'd still find this one of the songs of the year if that kind of thing is your bag. But there's more.

The more electronic 'All Night' sounds like it was recorded as part of the 'Screamadelica' sessions with a different vocalist, and also brings to mind New Order after a night on the Valium. It's a nice contrast and equally as good, gently building as it bounces along on a chilled, early '90s beat. 'Runaway Sun' is the enchanted, soporific, pastel-shaded closer that is the very definition of dreampop and it's quite Utopian and blissful. However, as good (and they really are) as these tunes are, the showstopper is opening track 'Pieces Of Me', surely a contender for shoegaze song of the year. If you've ever followed the likes of Chapterhouse, Ride, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins or other similar acts of that era, then this will be right up your street. In fact, it may as well have parked its car right outside your door, let itself in and climbed inside your ears. Magical.

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