Wednesday 2 September 2015

Get Me Free #46: A R I Z O N A - People Crying Every Night

Article by KevW

There can be a fine line between being an alternative band and a commercial, chart-oriented act, and it's one that A R I Z O N A will know very well. The New Jersey trio record much of their material on the road in a studio built in a converted Toyota. As far as independent aesthetics go they have the credentials, and the video to previous single 'Let Me Touch Your Fire' was also kept totally in-house. Delve further into their YouTube channel and you'll find various video updates as they scout for locations and keep fans up to speed. The indie-synth group released their new single, 'People Crying Every Night', last week.

The song does have an alternative edge to it, but at the same time it commands wide appeal, but not in a forced way. Light and airy, you could almost cast 'People Crying Every Night' as dreampop, and in a way it is, but it's a little closer to conventional synth-pop. The chorus is clearly striving for something more than just being another alt-pop act, and so it does brush closely to the commercial side of things in that respect, but it's also very well produced and the subtlety of the music gives a warm feeling which is in keeping with the thoughtful lyrics. You get the sense that they could be one break away from becoming stars, let's just hope they don't lose the "alt" part of their alt-pop sound in doing so.

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