Wednesday 23 September 2015

Get Me Free #58: Parastatic - Saint Mary

Article by KevW

It's probably best to just cut to the chase: if you haven't heard Parastatic yet then you need to rectify that as soon as possible. So it's quite handy that their new video is posted below. The Newcastle group released their album 'Lost Highway' in 2012 and it was an absolute must for our end of year albums list. Follow-up 'Recall Fade Return' arrived earlier on this year and built on the format of the first record, resulting in a collection of tracks that was probably even better. For what is essentially a blend of krautrock, shoegaze and electronica, the trio still manage to innovate and have their own sound.

As starting points for the band go, new single 'Saint Mary' is an easy choice, serving as one of their most accessible songs so far. An album highlight, its space-rock nuances and catchy melody bring to mind Bailter Space at their finest, and you could even put this particular number in a similar bracket to the tunes that saw The Horrors transform from a novelty garage band into critical and public darlings. The same influences that went into their form of psychedelia are on display here, and really, Parastatic deserve the same amount of success. Give the single a spin, but if you haven't already done so, then buy the albums too - you won't be let down.

Parastatic's website

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Catch them live:

Saturday 7th November – Globe Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
Thursday 12th November – Sebright Arms, London

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