Saturday 10 October 2015

Get Me Free #63: My Cruel Goro - Glue Buzz

Article by KevW

A couple of months ago we brought you the premiere of 'Crapford', a rather ace single from the self-titled debut EP by Italians My Cruel Goro. The trio formed last year and currently split their time between Italy and Iceland. In a world that's more awash with bands of every shape and size than ever before, it can be a bit difficult to get noticed, but that shouldn't be much of a problem for these guys. Giving away an early single or two as a free download can help, as can crafting songs that are instant big-hitters - statements of intent almost - although the best plan is always to just be flipping great at what you're doing.

My Cruel Goro tick all three boxes: their debut EP is free, the singles, not least latest release 'Glue Buzz', pack a punch upon first play, and it all sounds effortlessly good. The riff could almost be from a hard-rock band, but the big glam stomp brings them closer to early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This is exciting and energetic powerpop that traverses genres and will find fans in the realms of rock, indie, glam, shoegaze and much more. Having a melody that's as catchy as a wall of velcro at a knitting convention and a guitar solo that tackles '90s alt-rock in a quite towering way all adds to the potency and affirms the fact that this is a group worth following.

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