Saturday 26 September 2015

Psychic Lines - Color The Picture

Article by KevW

Although "trapped" in Brooklyn, Philip Jacob Glauberzon hails from Kentucky and has been making music for quite some time. Currently working under the guise of Psychic Lines (the first album of this project was two years ago, but apparently a follow-up is in the pipeline), he's found a guitar-heavy sound that on new single 'Color The Picture' is a bit like a checklist of ace bands and genres stretching back over several decades. Despite this, the pieces collectively weld together to form a really quite decent tune.

Starting out with a riff that could be from a '60s garage band and is more than a little reminiscent of The Velvet Underground, the lack of a beat is actually a bonus, conjuring up a neat atmosphere. There are touches of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to be found, and a guitar solo that's shoegaze at one point but later in the song it has a echoes of early John Squire. It's as much about melody as it is sound, and there's a great pop tune beneath the barbed-wire guitar. An album of these would be a welcome addition to any alternative music fan's collection.

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