Saturday 19 September 2015

Get Me Free #56: Dead Heart Bloom - Gather Up

Article by KevW

Past releases from New York's Dead Heart Bloom have been closer to dreamy shoegaze than anything else, such as last year's 'So It Goes' EP. It's a little surprising to hear new single, 'Gather Up', as it takes a different approach and shows another side to the band. Vague and cliched words such as "ambient", "ethereal" and so on don't quite fit anymore, although they haven't totally foregone that aspect of their music, as shown by the brief break halfway through the song, although it's only fleeting.

Instead, 'Gather Up' takes some of the psychedelia they've been known to employ in the past and plonks a great big glam rock stomp on top of it. With fuzzed-out guitars giving a spiraling riff, the beat soon kicks in properly and isn't too far removed from certain Black Rebel Motorcycle Club songs (think 'Spread Your Love'), or even less well known acts such as The Mooney Suzuki, but perhaps not quite as full-on. Guitars come in many different colours which all add to the variety and keep you engaged, especially the frazzled, wavering ending which is like a cosmic burst. It sounds as though Dead Heart Bloom aren't too keen to be pigeonholed, and they have the quality not to be.

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