Thursday 10 September 2015

Get Me Free #52: The Wolf And The Weather - Untitled Nude

Article by KevW

The Wolf And The Weather are a duo who like to keep everything in-house. This isn't always the best of ides, as sometimes some outside input will spot things that maybe you've missed. However, this pair appear to be doing just fine as they are. They consist of Harrison Ward who takes care of composition, instrumentation and production, and Emily Pickthall who adds lyrics and vocals, as well as the artwork. Between the two of them they have it all covered, and second EP 'Portrait With Teeth' shows ambition, taking alt-rock with a grunge influence and tidying it up to possibly give the songs a wider appeal.

On 'Wanderlust' they take a more chilled approach, almost to the point of it becoming a ballad (although it builds towards the end); the arrangement and production wouldn't be out of place on a trip-hop/pop album. The impressive, two-part 'Fading Roses'/'This Garden's Over' showcases a wider range of what the duo are about, but perhaps the best of this trio is 'Untitled Nude'. Here, grungy guitars are brought in, along with a more traditional but contemporary rock approach. There's a good deal of power in that voice and it's note perfect. With this song they take the alt-rock scene of the mid-'90s and scrub it up for a modern audience, and with a sound like this, that audience could turn out to be a decent size.

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