Thursday 24 September 2015

Get Me Free #59: Yonatan Gat & Gal Lazer - 0

Article by KevW

How many different genres do you want on one recording? Rock, post-rock, jazz, blues, psychedelia, surf, garage, prog... listen to '0' from Yonatan Gat & Gal Lazer's new single 'Physical Copy' (it is actually available on vinyl as well as free download for those of you who prefer non-digital) and you'll get those and probaby uncover a whole lot more while you're at it. Gat has long been admired as an innovative, boundary-pushing guitarist, so teaming up with a drummer who seems to have similar notions of what can be done with sound was a great move.

Although the concept began in Brooklyn, it came to fruition during a recording session with Steve Albini in Chicago, so that's another experimental and ambitious musical mind to add to the mix. '0' chops and changes a fair amount and could probably simply be tagged as "psychedelia", which is often just a short-cut for describing music that doesn't fit. This certainly - and proudly - doesn't fit, and that's what makes it such an intriguing and enjoyable listen. You can also download the even weirder B-side '1' with its backwards effects for free, so that's two inventive and unique pieces of music that embrace new ideas and break from convention, but do so without becoming too obtuse or awkward. Bonus.

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