Sunday 20 September 2015

Get Me Free #57: CIRC - Fistful Of Light

Article by KevW

A couple of years ago you couldn't move without tripping over a bedroom producer. Perhaps it's just us, but there don't seem to be quite as many doing the rounds at the moment. If that's the case, then it's likely a shift in musical trends; the whole chillwave movement was based upon music made that way, and as that's died out, those acts have either moved on to different sounds, joined forces with other people thanks to their exposure and are now working on different projects as a "band", or, simply, the time has passed and the exposure for such artists is no longer there. What is certain, is that an awful lot of names have come and gone, but a few have stayed the course, and this must be a testament to their quality.

French producer François Rousseau, AKA CIRC, is one such musician. He's been making experimental, chilled, ambient electronica for some time now, and new single 'Fistful Of Light' still hits all the right marks. Featuring vocals from hanelaure (or Anne-Laure Rousseau to give her real name), the slow and soothing 'Fistful Of Light' does what so many ambient electronic tracks fail to do, and that's to be of interest to folks who don't necessarily follow the genre as a rule. Maybe it's the chopped up vocal, or perhaps its the edginess of the piercing electronic stabs. The warm analogue vibe certainly doesn't do the track any harm, and managing to balance an atmospheric feeling with enough points of interest to keep you engaged isn't always easy. So maybe it's this skill that's seen CIRC outlast many of his contemporaries.

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