Thursday 3 September 2015

The Higher State - (Consider It) A Debt Repaid b/w In A World That Just Don't Care

Article by KevW

In a world where constant change only appears to be accelerating, it's nice that you can count on certain things to remain fiercely loyal to what it is that they do. The Higher State don't look for passing bandwagons or try and blend in with developing scenes; they know what they like, they know what they do, and they do it as well as anyone else around. It won't surprise you to learn that this new single (out on 7", naturally, but with download also available) is another two tracks of "Texas styled mood and treble-tone guitar". Garage and psych that fools you into thinking you've woken up in the mid-'60s alternative music scene is the plan, and again they excel at it.

First off, '(Consider It) A Debt Repaid' is crammed with Byrds guitars, a wonderful jangle and a solid beat with just a pinch of 13th Floor Elevators thrown in for good measure. The vocal melody is classic sounding, as you'd expect. 'In A World That Just Don't Care' has the same guitar sound, but is a more thoughtful track both melodically and lyrically, feeling less happy than the song it backs, just as the name suggests. Trying to sound authentic may seem easy, but numerous bands attempt to do so and their music ends up with modern influences (perhaps unknowingly) finding their way in. The Higher State have no such problems. Yet another piece of vinyl that could con people into believing it was a lost classic.

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