Saturday 26 September 2015

Get Me Free #61: The Bordellos - Prime Minister! Remove Your Pork Sword From The Dead Pig's Mouth!

Article by KevW

There's no denying it's been one of the most talked about news stories of the week. Or it was at least. Perhaps through fear that the "allegations" that the Prime Minister stuck his... um... member (not a cabinet MP, you know what we mean by "member") inside the mouth of a dead pig were actually someone telling porkies (sorry) put the mainstream media off reacting in quite the same way the public did. Perhaps it was all the talk of snouts gave rise to the claims of cocaine being snorted at his house... who knows? Well, Dave himself does of course, and if this is all true then he'll prove to be a very sick man. And without going too Morrissey on you, as a weirdo vegetarian, animal rights kind of person, how exactly was a pig's head acquired in the first place?

These may just be allegations, but the lack of a denial from big Dave and his gang of toffs is notable. As is the speed in which The Bordellos (who else?!) managed to write, record and upload a song dedicated to this sordid act - all done and dusted in less than two hours. Notoriously lo-fi, especially of late, it's perhaps unsurprising that 'Prime Minister! Remove Your Pork Sword From The Dead Pig's Mouth!' doesn't bring in horn sections and gospel choirs. While it's tempting to cram as many porcine-based jokes into this review as possible, there's not really any need since the best one of all is probably taken in the song's title and a few others in its lyrics. This may be scratchy and D.I.Y. by its very nature, but, much like the image you got when you first heard about "hashtag piggate", once you've listened to this song once, it'll be stuck in your head for ages.

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