Monday 7 September 2015

Get Me Free #49: Prints Jackson - Le Petit Prints

Article by KevW

A few years ago I interviewed a guy who was attempting to write, record and upload to the internet a brand new song every day for a year. 365 songs written and recorded in a year is some going, but, naturally, quality control tends to go out the window. One new song a month is more realistic for making decent tunes, and twelve tracks amounts to an album a year, something that most bands (unless they spend months off touring) should be able to achieve. Many don't of course, so perhaps the likes of Guns 'N' Roses should take a lesson or two from Prints Jackson, a man whose intention it is to release a free track every month.

He recently put out song number eighteen in this series, with September's offering due any day now. 'Le Petit Prints' may not have the orchestral backing and months of mixing and rerecording that, say, Spiritualized used at their commercial peak, but it's not exactly scratchy lo-fi either. This song strikes a nice balance; the time afforded to its recording is just enough to lay down the delicate piano backing and somewhat comforting and humble vocal melody, and then ordain it with backing harmonies, the boom of a bass drum to add some extra atmosphere, and various other layers of sound that give the overall effect of making this not seem like the work of someone who's in a hurry. It's quite a task he's set (the intention is to keep it up "til the day I die"), but the outcome can't be faulted.

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