Tuesday 8 September 2015

Naytronix - Back In Time

Article by KevW

For decades musicians have formed side-projects, recorded solo albums and released records under various aliases, but, perhaps due to the relative simplicity and cheaper cost of making and promoting such material (i.e. the internet), it almost feels like an essential part of your career nowadays. Whatever the reason Nate Brenner (if you don't know the name, he's in tUnE-yArDs) chose for his extra-curricular activity, it's unlikely it was just for the sake of it; the music's too good for that. Clearly a talented artist himself, his Naytronix project will be putting out the album 'Mister Divine' on City Slang this October.

As the song title suggests, 'Back In Time' is lyrically about the feeling of nostalgia, but musically it's not very retro at all. Comparisons don't come easily either, and that's in part due to the fact that the song chops and changes a couple of times. Mainly though, 'Back In Time' is a patchwork of various styles, all pieced together to create an experimental, indie/electronica/pop/whatever tune that's unorthodox yet easy to get into at the same time. With a soulful vibe and layers of strange sounds, each quite sparse on their own, but coming together to make something much richer, he's obviously not just going through the motions. The album should make for an interesting listen.

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