Thursday 3 September 2015

Get Me Free #47: Tuath - Uisce Uisce Read All About It

Article by KevW

Among the Celtic languages, Irish may be the third most widely spoken as a first language (behind Welsh and Breton), but the numbers of people who count it as their second language puts it way out in front at over 2 million. It seems a little odd that we've featured Welsh language albums and Cornish songs in the past, but the first to send us something in Irish is Galway trio Tuath who've just released their first EP, 'An Taobh Tuath (Ail)', as a free download. With unbroken walls of guitar, reverb-heavy vocals and a slightly psychedelic nature, the EP contains some very good shoegaze tracks which even incorporate saxophone into the mix. They manage to cover a Brian Jonestown Massacre number in their own tongue too. 'I D'tuath De Mo Cuid Namhaid' - we'll leave you to figure out which song that is with Google Translate.

Language barriers don't really come into it when so often in this genre the voice is used as an instrument in itself, so while there may be a few million people who understand what it's all about, I'm not one of them, but it certainly sounds quite cosmic. If you take the scorching 'Uisce Uisce Read All About It' as an example you really begin to realise that Tuath are a hot prospect and can match other noiseniks for distortion, melody and power, and all with the intriguing brass tones blended in. You could maybe consider this particular song a highlight thanks to its sheer force, but 'Ocras' runs it close and really the whole EP is worth delving into for anyone who likes effects pedals, blistering noise and a towering feel. Tuath might essentially be a shoegaze (or nugaze if you prefer) group, and they are generally quite traditional with it, but their own quirks make them worthy of investigation..

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