Tuesday 8 September 2015

Get Me Free #50: HÔN - Silent Lover

Article by KevW

Our introduction to Danish solo artist HÔN came when putting together our playlist of some of the best new tracks around just last week (unless you count his time spent as a member of The Rumour Said Fire), but that track was his second release under this new guise, and followed on from an introductory single in the summer. The new material shows a marked difference in style from his previous band, opting for a more synth-oriented sound as opposed to the indie/rock/pop guitar styling that many may have expected. Backtracking to that debut single, it reaffirms this new direction and can be downloaded for free by anyone who signs up to his mailing list.

'Silent Lover', possibly more than 'Honeydream', shows this change instantly, almost as if its job is to act as a statement proclaiming that things will be a bit different from now on. The track does have an "indie" aspect to it and isn't pure electro-pop, so it's not a polar opposite to what fans may be used to, and it also contains the same pop nous of his past works. That introduction could lead to a colder, more robotic song, but the vocal and fuzzier synths that soon arrive give 'Silent Lover' a much more welcoming feel. Then there's the chorus, where any remaining darkness disappears like clouds parting to reveal the bright sunshine. We may have only heard two tracks, but HÔN could really be on to something here.

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