Friday 25 September 2015

PREMIERE: The Heart Strings - Bright Lights

Article by KevW

Ah, The Heart Strings. Has it really been seven years since debut album 'Try Fly Blue Sky'? Songwriter Todd Roache and his accomplices have been fine purveyors of beautifully-crafted guitar-pop songs for a while now, but their shine never becomes tarnished, and after a couple of albums of sparkling, heartfelt indie, the well seems far from running dry just yet. 'Bright Lights' is the second in a string of singles planned for the next year or so. It follows on from August's 'Beautiful Abyss', and is like that shot of vitamin D your body probably needs.

The nights may be longer than the days and the leaves may be starting to disappear from the trees, but if you're feeling an autumnal chill in the air, then this is the perfect remedy. With a tender glimmer, 'Bright Lights' is packed with plenty of the same pretty melodies we've come to expect, and when it breaks and the pace drops this is only enhanced. Electronic beats accompany the indiepop instrumentation and both voice and production are as pure as ever. You can even detect elements of early Passion Pit's euphoric sound in places, despite lyrics about blaming yourself for being lonely. Musically though, this is an Indian summer in aural form. Smiles are guaranteed.

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