Tuesday 15 September 2015

Paul Messis - The Blind Leading The Blind b​/​w As Time Rolls By

Article by KevW

Those of you who've followed the site for some time will likely be aware of Paul Messis, a singer-songwriter with a penchant for recreating the sounds of '60s psych and garage. Musically, his output hasn't exactly been current, but 'The Blind Leading The Blind' is a politically charged song that comes just as the UK's political scene is changing drastically (Scotland has all but kicked out any parties other than the SNP, the right wing, especially UKIP, has been gaining unprecedented ground, and we now have a left-wing political activist as leader of the opposition). No matter what year we're in, there are always statements to be made, and the 1960s became synonymous with protest songs.

It's fitting then, that this slightly punkier affair (we're at the rougher end of garage here) talks about the chattering classes telling you how to live your life while they have more money than ever before and you're struggling to make a living. Musically and lyrically, it may not be new, but it hits the spot. Less upfront and more melodic is 'As Time Rolls By' which is vintage jangle-pop meeting '80s indiepop that has a drive and energy that belies the downbeat, lovelorn lyrical content. With that guitar sound, it's difficult not to think of Roger McGuinn, but that's a compliment rather than a criticism. Ever prolific and always sticking to his guns, Messis has given us another set of retro guitar tunes to thoroughly enjoy.

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