Saturday 31 March 2012

Stereo Silence - Lone Youth EP

EP review by KevW

The trouble with a lot of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) is that it's often designed as much for the stroking of wizened muso chins as it is for actually dancing to. Although this isn't a problem in itself, unless you're in the right, shall we say, frame of mind, drawn-out noodling and beats, however impressive and experimental, can rapidly descend into tedium. It's here that Stereo Silence (aka Russian Alexey Martynov) comes into his own. Instead of finding and idea and needlessly prolonging it, the seven tracks here (four originals and three remixes) are briefly allowed to shine and cut off before their light begins to dim; only a solitary song breaks the four-minute barrier.

Apparently incorporated into the 'Lone Youth EP' are samples of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, however you'd be hard pushed to find them. The title track begins the EP with glistening atmospherics and soulful beats, then just as it seems about to morph into a different creature altogether, the plug is pulled at the perfect time to leave you wanting more. Happily, more is supplied as the opener very much sets the blueprint for what follows: more deep house beats and night-bus twinkles. Stereo Silence's music is engineered to appeal to nocturnal types. 'A Film' is chilled and unshakably urban and 'At The Night Walk' is as much a serving suggestion as a song title. As a collection of ambient soundscapes, 'Lone Youth EP' is refreshingly succinct.

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