Saturday 31 March 2012

Five For Free #66

Dive - Geist

Another day another great new band from Brooklyn. Quartet Dive are led by songwriter Z. Cole Smith and make music that blends a mix of styles with driving energy and raw power to create a beautiful noise. 'Geist' is five minutes of frantic drums and psychedelia-tinged guitars taking in ethereal vocals; it's part psych-rock, part shoegaze and part Kraut-groove.

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Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou

Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou are a husband and wife duo, but rather than the dreamy lo-fi that so many couples in music have been forging these past couple of years (Summer Camp, Cults, Tennis etc.), this pair specialise in the folkier side of things. This single from their album 'Quality First, Last & Forever' takes in upbeat rhythms and jangly guitars that straddle both folk and indiepop.

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Wild Belle - Keep You

A male/female duo of another kind are the talk of the recent SXSW Festival. Brother and sister combo Wild Belle apparently blend many styles in their music, but as we were nowhere near Texas last week we've only got debut single 'Keep You' to go on. What we learn from this mixture of reggae, pop and indie is that they have bucketloads of crossover appeal and could well make a big splash sometime soon.

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The Hussy - Undefined

Wisconsin psychedelic-garage band The Hussy are yet another male/female duo and have recently released their album 'Weed Seizure' after perfecting their sound over the four years since they got together. Free download 'Undefined' is loaded with feedback, fuzz and distortion and clatters and buzzes its way though two and a half minutes of primal bliss.

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Woods - Wind Was The Wine

Alternative folk band Woods are taking the unusual step of releasing a split album next month with experimental noise maker Amps For Christ, with each band contributing four tracks each. From Woods' half of the album is the short and lovely 'Wind Was The Wine' which despite its brief duration has lofty ambitions sound-wise, cramming in some grand and ambitious production.

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