Thursday 8 March 2012

The Family Machine - Quiet As A Mouse

Single review by KevW

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That old chestnut. The sinister storyline disguised beneath a candyfloss-sweet, porcelain-pretty exterior. "As I wondered through your house/you were somewhere else/so I went through all your things" coos the butter-wouldn't-melt vocal as guitars are delicately plucked. If I was the absent person, upon my return all would surely be forgiven as 'Quiet As A Mouse' is enough to charm the pants of even the most overwhelmingly merciless of people.

As harmonies build and overlap it's easy to get absorbed in the starry-eyed wonder of it all. Ignore the lyrics and this track gently massages your brain into submission like the Sirens luring you towards the rocks, adding music box twinkles to Anna Log's dreamy voice. Delightfully lush, pastoral British folk may be the first impression, but beware, lurking behind that curtain is the girl your mother always warned you about.

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