Friday 2 March 2012

Deathline - Ten Of Clubs

Single review by KevW

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Maybe it's a sign of these austere times that the world of alternative music (which is thriving, if not necessarily making many millionaires) is awash with duos at the moment. Splitting those meagre royalties too many ways can be hard to sustain. Still, if you can create a noise as complete and robust as this with just two of you then why add unnecessary flab? Jennie Werlemar and Kaoru Sato are doing a grand job of taking on the roll of a female Jesus & Mary Chain - a band who's slim line-up never did them any harm - with an added electro-rock edge.

Their new single as Deathline should probably come packaged in a leather jacket and shades and instantly give you an inferiority complex. 'Ten Of Clubs' with its husky vocal and ominous, throbbing bass, feels both intimidating and cooler-than-thou in a similar fashion to how The Kills have nonchalantly swaggered their way through a decade of primal garage-rock sensibilities and don't-give-a-fuck attitude. Posturing it may be, but with good reason, 'Ten Of Clubs' is dark, engaging and powerful, neatly adding just enough studio polish to give it balls without becoming overly pompous. Not lo-fi, yet not commercial, it would be best described as 'mid-fi', and it turns out that's not a bad place to be.

Video and purchase links coming soon! In the mean time check out a demo of 'Ten Of Clubs' on Deathline's website

UPDATE: See comments section below for more news.

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  1. Thanks Kev

    People can hear Ten of Clubs on this Monday's Resonance FM Artrocker Radio show here:

    The single is out in May. Follow one of our channels for the latest news