Monday 26 March 2012

Out This Week - 26th March 2012

Way Yes - Singing

This week's selection of superb new releases kicks of in Ohio with oddpop trio Way Yes. Formed as a duo two years ago, they intended to make uplifting songs about good times and bad; something they've achieved with new EP 'Walkability'. Have a listen to the sunny, experimental pop of free download 'Singing', which shines an optimistic light on the experience of growing old and, er, dying.

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La Sera - Break My Heart

Sometime Vivian Girl and full time lo-fi pop crusader Katy Goodman releases her second album as La Sera this week. 'Sees The Light' takes her bubblegum melodies and scuzzy guitars to new levels, snaring the hearts of a few critics along the way. If you haven't already, grab free download 'Please Be My Third Eye' - and then check out another free album track, the excellent 'Break My Heart'.

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Young Prisms - Floating In Blue

This hazey cut from San Francisco's Young Prisms' new album 'In Between' is pretty darn lovely. 'Floating In Blue' is perfect for drifting away to, a blur of kaleidoscopic, dreamy shoegaze. It's a track that could have been made any time in the past 25 years and the slightly warped, off-kilter feel of the piece makes sure it sounds absolutely timeless too.

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Oberhofer - Heart

Bringing us a different kind of off-kilter pop are Brooklyn quartet Oberhofer who put out their new album 'Time Capsules II' this week. Brad Oberhofer is a songwriter in the vein of Brian Wilson or Wayne Coyne; plenty of melody and delicate arrangements that create an appealing nursery-rhyme pop that it's difficult to resist, and thankfully 'Heart' is a free download so you don't need to.

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The Raveonettes - Night Comes Out

Never ones to waste any time sitting on their backsides when there are records to be recorded and gigs to be played, just a year on from last album 'Raven In The Grave', Denmark's finest are back with a brand new EP, 'Into The Night', in April. As expected, the first offering from it doesn't disappoint. 'Night Comes Out' is another superb fuzz-pop single. Distorted guitars, sweet vocals, sparkly percussion, shrill, trebly production, a twangy solo... you know the drill. The Raveonettes are back.

The Raveonettes' website

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  1. How long did you spend agonising between The Raveonettes and La Sera? I bet you drew straws!

  2. Wasn't even close! In fact before I heard The Raveonettes track I had a Siamese Twins track as OROTW - however it's a demo not an official release and therefore didn't qualify for the post unless it was OROTW, so I had to drop it altogether. It'll be coming to a Five For Free near you soon.