Friday 16 March 2012

Good Dangers - DFYF

Single review by KevW

Having successfully beckoned us to come hither with the lure of a couple of free tracks, we're now fully snagged by Good Dangers homemade brand of upbeat guitar tunes. So while we're fully grasping the bait, they take this opportunity to give the world their debut UK single 'DFYF' (it stands for 'Don't Fuck Your Friends' in case you were wondering) which is out on April 19th and by rights should be blasting from radios across the country by now.

What we've gathered from the few tracks we've heard by them so far is that they have a distinctive sound, with 'DFYF' being a very close cousin to 'So Unkind' and 'Abigail'. While they may not be genre-hopping boundary-pushers, their music definitely has ambition. These are songs made from optimistic guitar and piano, with big choruses that aren't a million miles away from Two Door Cinema Club. Good Dangers could easily follow in the Northern Irish trio's footsteps too, these are all songs that wouldn't sound out of place filling arenas. Dangerous? Not really. Good? Most certainly.

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