Friday 30 March 2012

Hospitality - Betty Wang/Friends Of Friends

Single review by KevW

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With Merge Records taking care of their US output, Brooklyn trio Hospitality have remained a little under the radar in the UK. Hopefully that will change when Fire release their debut album here in a couple of weeks, and as an introduction for those who've thus far missed out of their lovable brand of indiepop, it's a great idea to bundle together these two Stateside singles as a double A-side for British ears.

'Friends Of Friends' shows the band's more experimental side, taking in stuttering beats, brass parps and tempo changes while maintaining a pop edge. It's the more conventional 'Betty Wang' that proves most irresistible though. Despite a slightly quaint feel it packs in enough honeyed melody to seduce even the most cynical pair of ears. It's reasonably minimalist in construction and the production is crystal clear, the classic combination of jangly guitar and percussion combined with "ba-da-da daa-daa" vocals should be enough to charm the pants of any indiepop fan.

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