Thursday 8 March 2012

Stars In Coma - And So

Single review by KevW

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Despite not having a major label recording budget to frivolously fritter away on orchestras and super-producers, and despite their usual recording space being a bedroom studio, Stars In Coma have never lacked ambition in their meandering, unconventional indiepop. Neither are they short on ideas, as the release of their fifth album since forming in 2005 will testify. 'Midnight Puzzle' is due to hit stores in April, they've already shared with us the strangely slick and  funky 'Paint My Picture On The Think Shell', and new single 'And So' sees them changing tack again.

Beginning in a fashion not dissimilar to the similarly low-budget early recordings of Belle & Sebastian, we're taken on a mini voyage of musical discovery. From the Of Montreal channelling, 70s influenced first two minutes to an unusual breakdown that sounds like a distant radio playing 80s American pop before the original song fades its way back into view, heavenly backing vocals included. It's encouraging to see that as the indiepop genre reaches its middle age there are still bands around who are willing to play around with it and look for new directions. Thanks to these Swedes it looks like there's life in the old dog yet.

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