Friday 23 March 2012

Madeaux - Song #2/Running Up That Hill

Single review by KevW

This free two-track download is the first official single release for US solo artist Madeaux and is a strange lop-sided beast. Lead track 'Song #2' is an original work, yet it sounds like a remix. A remix of what isn't clear but it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the similarly named Blur track. Consisting of many textured layers, 'Song #2' is a mash of choppy vocals cries, big beats and atmospheric guitar and piano, shifting from punchy, laid back breaks one minute to chilled soundscapes the next.

'Running Up That Hill' is a remix although it feels more like a complete song than the opening track. However, it's not, as you may expect, the Kate Bush original that gets the makeover here. To confuse matters slightly, this is Placebo covering Kate Bush remixed by Madeaux and ends up sounding like The Sound Of Arrows in need of anger management. The original may be a well known and well respected track, but the version here is pretty damn splendid too. All in all, a decent first offering.

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