Thursday 15 March 2012

Drew Smith - Smoke & Mirrors

Single review by KevW

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After rightly deciding that there wasn't exactly a drought of low-budget singer-songwriter music videos out there, Canadian songsmith Drew Smith chose a different approach for the accompanying visuals for his new track 'Smoke & Mirrors'. A few enquiries led to a dance choreographer in Bangalore, India, whose work you can see below. The unorthodox film certainly adds a different dimension and a splash of colour and vibrancy that's rare in a world full of homemade videos of blokes looking thoughtful whilst strumming an acoustic guitar. It turned out to be an inspired move and a welcome change.

Strip the visuals away and you find that 'Smoke & Mirrors' doesn't need to rely on any magic tricks to enhance its appeal. Built around insistent drum and piano lines, Drew Smith adds gentle strings and guitar as well as his slightly pained, Thom Yorke-ish vocals. The outcome is more than satisfactory, holding the tempo throughout and not letting up. It's not exactly drone-rock but the repetition does manage to draw you in in a similar fashion. Great on it's own and succeeding where many others fail - making a video that genuinely augments the song. Good work all round.

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