Thursday 1 March 2012

Severin - High Shot

Single review by KevW

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If you were to decode a DNA sample from London duo Severin, you'd most likely discover that they evolved from the same original gene pool as other noise-pop merchants like Health, Crystal Castles or Teeth. A more distant relative would be 'XTRMNTR' era Primal Scream. Their new single is missing the bite and harshness of much of their ancestors' output, but that's not a criticism. 'High Shot' judders into action with the perfect ratio of melody to edginess to satisfy the cravings of fans of both noise terrorism and alternative pop.

On first listen the quaking beats and repetitive vocals seem utterly directionless, what you're looking at is one half-decent segment of a song stretched out for three and a half minutes. It all seems rather pointless and unremarkable. After repeat plays it still seems utterly directionless, and that's because it is. Oddly though, it boasts a hypnotic quality and becomes more and more addictive each time you hear it. Surprisingly it turns out that three and a half minutes of the same thing isn't long enough and you're left wanting more. Handy really, considering their EP is only a fortnight away. Don't turn it up too loud though, all that thunderous shuddering might make your fillings fall out.

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