Monday 12 March 2012

Being There - 17

Single review by KevW

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You would have thought it a slightly daunting task to follow up a debut single as near perfect as 'The Radio', but  for London's new kings of jangle it was purely a case of throwing forth another sample from their sprightly, C86-inspired indiepop cannon. Being There's sound is fully-formed, effortless, bouncy and full of beans. '17' is so fresh that you might as well have a mountain breeze gusting out of the speakers, backed by a supreme guitar break and bearing gifts of silver, shiny melody.

It's always an exciting feeling to find a new band whose music bowls you over, and I'm sure I'm not the only one getting that feeling from these guys right now. Yep, this track is a worthy second effort alright, and although it may not be quite as breathtaking as 'The Radio', to deride it for this reason would be akin to slagging off 'Rubber Soul' for not being quite as good as 'Revolver', and with their own album 'Breaking Away' due for release in the summer, Being There could be set unleash their own guitar-pop classic.

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