Sunday 1 April 2012

Severin - Everything Breaks EP

EP review by KevW

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The shuddering convulsions of entrancing single 'High Shot' were not so much misleading as to what was lying in wait on this debut EP, but they only told part of the story. As well as pulsating noise-pop, Severin it seems, are no strangers to more accessible pop, albeit pop with enough edge and experimentation to steer it well clear of the middle of the road and on to more left-field territories, as they combine their skilful way with a tune with a creative need to stretch themselves and the boundaries of their songs alike.

The experienced ears of producer Rory Atwell (Teeth, Test Icicles, Yuck) are the ideal addition to give these songs the alternative bite that lifts them above the crowd of synth-pop duos currently doing the rounds. 'Light/Water' has drifting, relaxed vocals underpinned by craggy beats and swoops of distortion, whereas 'Macabea' staggers along like a modern trip-hop upgrade. '0806' brings back the juddering electronics and harsh throbs again for a darker climax to the EP. With this combination of layered sounds, prickly production and pop nous, it looks like Severin have found a winning formula.

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