Sunday 25 March 2012

Clockwork Era - Fear Inside EP

EP review by KevW

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Either Clockwork Era have a remarkably defined vision of how they want to sound, or they don't have many ideas. Whichever, the tracks on this debut EP offer little in the way of diversity, being essentially four variations of the same theme. Still, that's not always a bad thing, it made The Ramones legends. While this duo are unlikely to reach such saintly status, there is a certain appeal to their primitive, no-frills noise-punk, and they attack these songs with an urgent, visceral energy.

With basic, jagged riffs borrowed from Nirvana, wild, thrashing drums and a half spoken, vexed vocal delivery, there's nothing here you won't have heard before and listening to the EP in its entirety becomes repetitious, but isolate the tracks and the mixture of punk ethics, zero production and sheer determination pulls them through. The title track wins by a nose when rating the songs against each other and everything you need to know about this record is encapsulated therein. As first steps go 'Fear Inside' is a difficult record to knock, but more depth and variety will be needed to sustain them. Mind you, they sound like they'd be a riot to see live.

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