Tuesday 20 March 2012

All Will Be Quiet - Wide Eyes & Space Flights

Single review by James M

Some of the most stunning guitar-based music of the last five years has come courtesy of the Nordic countries, and Finland’s All Will Be Quiet continue that trend with their own take on the post-rock genre. Their debut single ‘Wide Eyes & Space Flights’ is being released on Lionheart Records as a taster from their as yet untitled album due out on 2nd May. The record apparently took a year and a half to record due to the band wanting to make sure everything was tuned to perfection and ‘Wide Eyes...’ indeed sounds like it’s been given a lot of attention. 

Alex Kauffmann’s distinctive, haunting vocals lurk behind little more than a drum beat for the opening minute or so, before the general outbreak of noise you’d expect from a post-rock outro. Uniquely this particular world of noise includes instruments such as cellos and violins, leading to the sound feeling more akin to the likes of Arcade Fire or The National in places. The past few years have thrown up some incredible bands for me from Sweden, Denmark and Norway and it looks like come May, if the full-length is as polished as we’re told, Finland might have a submission to that list.

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