Tuesday 27 March 2012

bikos - Let Down Your Avant Garde

EP review by KevW

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If you enjoyed last year's debut album 'Make Your Sound Sound', then you'll be glad to know that the only real change of note on bikos' new EP is that the songs are just that little bit better. No ill-judged changes of direction or attempts at stadium-friendly anthems. Wisely the LA collective stick to what they do incredibly well: itchy, stuttering, post-punk inspired indie/pop guitar tunes, as sharp as a gob full of lemons and as crystal clear as a peal of bells. It's the sound of skinny jeans, converse and haircuts but it certainly doesn't come over as contrived in any way.

New single 'Y3k' is urgent and stammering like early Maccabees crossed with Stellastarr*, the lyric "my heart is gunning at humming bird rates" sums up the spiky energy perfectly. Gabe's desperate, yelping delivery is offset nicely by Miki's gutsier, soulful accompanying vocals. When she takes the lead on 'Verses v. Verses' it brings an extra dimension to the group's sound; it's almost like two bands for the price of one. The shouty 'Fun Fun Fun @ the MJT' is chaotic and feels like it could fall apart at any given moment, whereas 'Maybe The One' comes over like a less cutesy Belle & Sebastian' - echoes of whom can also be found in 'Waldo And Carmen Sandiego'. The lasting impression you get from these six tracks is that bikos is currently a band in rude health and still have much more to offer.

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