Wednesday 14 March 2012

Cheer Advisory Council - In Threes

Single review by KevW

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After a solitary album, last year's 'Distance', it's a pity to learn that Adelaide collective Cheer Advisory Council have decided to call it a day, stating that geography, family and other such logistics involved in keeping a seven-piece band together, had made their continued existence impossible. Subsequently, what was initially recorded as the first single from their second album will now be their swansong, and as a parting gesture it's been made available for free download.

Although they never had Simon Cowell looking cautiously over his shoulder, Cheer Advisory Council had built dedicated following thanks to a clutch of excellent harmonious indie-folk tunes, and 'In Threes' is a perfect summation of why some of us will miss them: gently layered voices and pristine, simple arrangements that let the song shine through. Its appeal is in the fact that it's so understated, rather than going for a sucker-punch in the face, 'In Threes' is more likely to tenderly caress you with its hazey glow. AdiĆ³s guys, it's been a pleasure.

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