Wednesday 21 March 2012

Five For Free #63

The Child Actors - Summer Lawns

Despite the name suggesting otherwise, The Child Actors is the solo project of New York resident Mike Pace, former frontman with the band Oxford Collapse. 'Summer Lawns' is one of the tracks on his debut single under this guise and is lovably exuberant and joyous with pounding drums and organ swirls backing his urgent vocal delivery; it's catchy, optimistic and fun.

Free download: 'Summer Lawns'

The Child Actors' website

Strawberry Whiplash - Now I Know It's You

Drawing on their fellow Glaswegian indie heroes of the past, this track from Strawberry Whiplash's forthcoming 'Hits In The Car' album mixes fuzzy dreampop, a touch of C86 and a coating of shoegaze warmth to create a superb noise that's part The Radio Dept. and part The Primitives. Not only are they great at hand-picking the best bits from past bands, they can craft a neat melody too.

Free download: 'Now I Know It's You'

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Release The Sunbird - I Will Walk 

Release The Sunbird is a project formed a couple of years ago by former Rogue Wave singer Jack Rogue. After releasing their debut album last summer, they now have a new EP, 'Imaginary Summer' for us to enjoy before their second full-length. From it is the stunningly pretty 'I Will Walk', full of hope and harmony it's pretty difficult to dislike.

Release The Sunbird's website

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Turquoise Boy - You're An Apostrophe

Residing in Anchorage, Alaska, Turquoise Boy are a quartet who describe themselves as a rock 'n roll band and a pop band. The two genres often go hand in hand, and on the oddly named 'You're An Apostrophe' they successfully bridge the gap between the two. This is pop music made with guitars, drums, keyboards and vocals - a familiar mix of ingredients with superbly upbeat results.

Free download: 'You're An Apostrophe'

Turquoise Boy's website

Mirel Wagner - The Road/No Hands

We posted a track from Mirel Wagner's self-titled album a few weeks ago and since then a couple more have been made available. 'The Road' and 'No Hands' are both brilliantly constructed acoustic simplicity that are crying out for a storm of hype to surround them any time soon. The Ethiopian-born Finn could well be an alternative-folk star in the making. She certainly deserves to be.

Mirel Wagner's website

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