Tuesday 13 March 2012

Sheepy - Glum

Single review by KevW

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Had The Kinks began life as a Merseybeat band rather than growing out of suburban North London, it's easy to imagine that their psychedelic mid-period could have produced tracks like 'Glum', the new single from Liverpool songwriter Sheepy. The plodding tempo recalls 'Sunny Afternoon' and the affected vocal tells a similar tale of dissatisfaction with the current political and financial situation. The topic may be current but the sound, as with his debut 'Predator EP', is joyfully out of step, inhabiting its own psych-pop bubble.

B-side 'Craic Injector' jumps ahead a few years for its inspiration, mixing punk with 90s alt-rock effects, it's not a million miles away from post-Britpop Blur when they decided they were a lo-fi American band instead of mockney chimney sweeps. Following the maudlin 'Glum' its message is all about pure upbeat fun and wanting to "bring the good times back", something he seems perfectly positioned to do. With thirteen albums worth of material now recorded, frankly Luke Jones is making this whole music lark look far too easy.

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