Wednesday 28 March 2012

Five For Free #65

Best Coast - The Only Place

The clocks have changed, spring is in the air... all that nonsense. If there's a better way to mark the return of longer, sunnier, warmer days than the return of sunshine-slacker-pop group Best Coast then I don't know what it is. 'The Only Place' is one of their most summery songs yet, a gorgeous, melodic jangle about sun, waves, beaches and happiness. It would be corny if it wasn't such a great track.

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Creepoid - Dream Out

Also suited to lazy summer days is this track from Philadelphia's Creepoid who take hazey, grungy guitars and filter them through a pair of rose coloured shades and create a blissful, laid-back vibe full of shoegazey distortion and skyscraping guitars. It's musically a different kettle of fish to the Best Coast track but the effect is the same, and it's aptly named 'Dream Out'.

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Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You

Brooklyn electro-rock band Bear In Heaven are back with their fifth album 'I Love You, It's Cool' next week, and from what we've heard so far it could be 'quite something'. Have a listen to free track 'The Reflection Of You' with its shimmering synths, fuzzy vocals and stuttering drums. It's a great piece of pop experimentation and it's also quite summery too...

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Siamese Twins - We Fall Apart

Enough about the sun? Nope. Bugger it, this whole batch of freebies is tailored to celebrate the brief bit of optimism we get before it pisses down for the rest of the year. So check out these amazing sun-kissed melodies from Siamese Twins. 'We Fall Apart' is only a demo but it's got us very excited about this Massachusetts trio, we're expecting dreampop of the highest order from them in the future.

Siamese Twins' website

laVoy - Pegleg Bird

You wouldn't normally associate Alaska with the joys of spring, but Anchorage band laVoy make Americana-influenced alt-rock that would sound equally at home in warmer climes. 'Pegleg Bird' contains twinkling guitars and a sing-along chorus that's suitably warm, relaxed and hopeful. Normal blogging service will resume later this week when the weather takes a turn for the worse...

laVoy's website

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