Tuesday 20 March 2012

ZiD - Adapt To Society EP

EP review by KevW

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Launching a new label with the aim of discovering and promoting new sounds is without doubt a commendable thing to do. NeuroPlastic are aspiring to bring us fresh electronic sounds with no boundaries, although citing genres such as omphaloscopy, post-stepcore, monkey-hop and trousergaze, it sounds more like the brainstorming session of a load of stoned students intent taking the piss. Quite what category their first release, the debut EP by Swedish artist ZiD falls in to isn't quite clear, but the four tracks here are difficult to pigeonhole.

The title track is two and a half minutes of little more than some distant, maudlin piano. It's not exactly what you'd call a 'tune', rather some vague atmospherics, nice enough but somewhat unsatisfying - as is the hum of 'So Much Beauty In The World'; a track so subtle it barely exists. 'That Someone' wafts along in a haze of smoky sax ambience before giving way to 'Don't Stop', the closest to convention that we get, bringing in beats and a sampled vocal, then just as it seems a direction has been decided upon it fades away into the ether.  Still, half a song is better than none. All this makes for an unusual listening experience - and of course that's the idea - but 'Adapt To Society' is likely to leave many scratching their heads, so in that respect it's mission accomplished for both ZiD and NeuroPlastic. Bring on the trousergaze revolution!

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